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Eye Focusing Problems

Eye focusing problems are among the most common conditions treated by eye doctors. These conditions are also known as accommodative dysfunctions. Our staff at Eastgate Eye Clinic in Stoney Creek, ON, wants you to know how eye focusing problems can negatively affect your vision. Common types of vision focusing problems include the following:

  • myopia (short-sightedness)

  • hyperopia (far-sightedness)

  • astigmatism (the cornea is misshapen)

  • presbyopia (inability to focus on near objects)



These conditions are caused by refractive errors, which make it difficult to focus because the light isn't being properly focused on the retina at the back of your eye. One of the first symptoms of these conditions is blurry vision. For someone who is nearsighted, objects that are far away will be blurry, but the opposite is true for people who are farsighted.




How These Conditions Develop

You can be born with some of these conditions, and difficulty switching focus is a major sign of accommodation disruption in children who can normally switch focus quite easily. In the case of presbyopia, our eyes lose elasticity over time. As the lens becomes more rigid, focusing on objects up close becomes more difficult. This is why older adults struggle to read the small print on medicine bottles, among other text. Loss of focus as we age may also accompany difficulty distinguishing similar colors and require more time for eyes to adjust when moving from lightroom to a dark one or vice versa.



Symptoms of eye focusing problems include eyes that are sore and tired as well as headaches. Eye-focusing problems can make it difficult to work, read, or simply enjoy yourself. If you struggle to focus, you'll understandably be frustrated. Your performance at work may decrease, your pain levels may increase, and your favorite activities may no longer be as enjoyable.

However, many of these conditions can be treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Surgery can correct focus issues due to myopia or hyperopia. Although astigmatism is more difficult to treat, surgery may also be an option. Vision therapy can help patients improve focusing and vision, which is why you should schedule an appointment with a vision therapist in Stoney Creek rather than simply trying to work around your vision focusing issues.

Although treatment for these conditions might be relatively easy, you should still make a point to contact your eye doctor if you notice any vision changes as these changes may be a sign of a larger vision problem.



Get Help With Focusing Issues


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