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Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care at Eastgate Optometric Clinic

Any kind of health emergency can be frightening, disorienting, and painful, especially when that emergency involves your one-and-only pair of eyes. If you experience a sudden vision problem or eye injury, you need to know in advance where to get help. That's why you should keep Eastgate Eye Clinic in mind. Our Hamilton/Stoney Creek clinic is happy to provide the immediate diagnosis and care you need to protect your eyesight in emergency situations.

Examples of Eye Emergencies

Some eye problems may be uncomfortable and annoying without actually qualifying as emergencies. However, it should be addressed and treated right away. Some of the most obvious examples include acute injuries to the eyes. For instance, a sharp foreign object blown into the eye can cause serious damage. Chemical exposure is another eye emergency, especially when the chemicals are corrosive in nature. A blow to the eye or eye socket can cause acute bleeding, fractures, and other problems that call for immediate care.

Some eye emergencies can be from diseases and disorders rather than from injuries. A severe case of conjunctivitis, for example, can lead to blindness due to corneal scarring if it doesn't receive the necessary treatment. A condition called angle-closure glaucoma, in which the eye's internal fluid pressure suddenly rises due to a total blockage of its drainage system can cause significant, permanent vision loss unless it is brought under control within a matter of hours. Retinal detachment is yet another issue that needs to be treated as an emergency since it can cause permanent vision loss without prompt treatment.

Prompt Emergency Care from Our Stoney Creek Optometrists

Either of our Stoney Creek optometrists can help you get through your eye emergency. As you're preparing for your visit to our clinic, give us a call so we can advise you on any immediate self-care you might need to attend to, such as flushing your eyes with water in the case of a chemical spill. We will be ready to evaluate your problem quickly and accurately as soon as you arrive. We can remove foreign objects, clean chemicals out of your eyes, prescribe antibiotics or other medications for an acute eye infection, and administer drugs to counteract angle-closure glaucoma. If your condition requires more invasive care, we can refer you to a surgeon or other specialist and then co-manage your recovery.

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