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 Pinguecula and Pterygium (Surfer's Eye)

  Category: Common Eye Conditions, Changes in Appearance


Characterized by a yellowish raised part of the scleral conjunctiva (the lining of the white part of the eye), a pinguecula usually develops near the cornea (colored part of the eye), but does not extend past it. Similar to a callus on the skin, changes in tissues lead to the buildup of calcium, fat,


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 Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

  Category: Common Eye Conditions, Changes in Appearance


Similar to a bruise under the skin, a subconjunctival hemorrhage happens when a small blood vessel located between the sclera (white portion of an eye) and the conjunctiva (lining on the surface of an eye) breaks and covers the sclera with blood. Unlike broken blood vessels located under the skin which